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  1. Surely, the poor, illiterat e, ex-convict with whom they were living was at fault. But even with our more sophisticated understanding today of class disparity and implicit biases, people still do not want to talk about them in the context of Manson — how he was a mentally ill, homeless drifter, convicted and today an elderly inmate locked up.
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  3. Detienne reminds us that sophist ry, like Simonides’ poetry, is “founded on ambiguit y” (). 24 Detienne 25 Detienne 26 Eric A. Havelock, “The Linguistic Task of the Pres ocratics,” Language and Thought in Early Greek Philosophy, ed. Kevin Robb (La Salle: The Hegeler Institute, 19 83) 9. 27 Heraclitus’ work.
  4. May 19,  · FRI U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Norman Armour and U.S. Minister in Uruguay Edwin C. Wilson confer in Montevideo about the deteriorating situation in Uruguay, and jointly suggest (in telegram to Secretary of State Hull) that "if the situation in the Far East permits," sending a "large U.S. naval force, 40 or 50 vessels to the east coast of South .
  5. Of the total number of Sessions trials (74), murder cases represented 13, dacoity 10, and robbery or attempted robbery 4. In all persons were tried, of whom 71, or rather more than half, were convicted. The average duration of Sessions trials rose from 43 to 49 days. Six accused were sentenced to death, 2 to transporation for life.
  6. Four individual pres ervice teachers, and so four cases, were focal study participants. Data collection consisted of: (1) two surveys: a pre survey (n=30) and a post survey (n=25) before and after microteaching experiences and (2) four foci depth interviews (t wo interviews each, n=4).
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  8. “analphabeti c” cultures were presen ted as “‘sav ages,’ or p athetic creatu res who would die. out because of an inability to adapt to Western civilization” (Hodgens, , p. 4).

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