Oscar Mulero - El Hombre Duplicado (Vinyl)

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  1. Oscar Mulero mp3 El Hombre Duplicado (SF) Oscar Mulero Oscar Mulero - Building A Better Hole mp3 Oscar Mulero - El Hombre Duplicado mp3 Oscar Mulero - Building A Better Hole (the 65d Mavericks mix) mp3 Oscar Mulero - Pax 6 mp3 Oscar Mulero - (Brethern remix) mp3 download more: Oscar Mulero Primary Instincts (Po 2).
  2. Oscar Mulero was born in Madrid, and is a techno DJ and producer. Mulero started DJing in , and was the first Spanish DJ to became part of the Members Of Mayday. He established The Omen Club in Madrid in the early 90s. Mulero also uses the alias Doctor Smoke for his Drum 'n' Bass sessions, and owns the labels Warm Up Recordings and Pole.
  3. Oscar Mulero: 46 (Antaganists mix) Oscar Mulero: 46 (Antaganists mix) (part of a “FabricLive Pangaea” DJ‐mix) Oscar Mulero: 46 (Re-Work) Oscar Mulero: 46 (Surgeon remix) Oscar Mulero: 91/61/ Oscar Mulero: 91/61/91 (Emote remix) Oscar Mulero?:?? 91/61/91 Outro (Emote remix) Oscar Mulero?:??
  4. To get an idea of his sound, just look at some of Oscar's track titles - "Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow" and "El Hombre Duplicado (the man doubled)." Don't miss the mesmerizing music of Oscar Mulero - the King of Spanish Techno. Oscar will be supported by .
  5. Jan 31,  · Oscar Mulero - El Hombre Duplicado elcoaclimunmepbackpowshuduntilesut.coinfo Label: Surface Catalog#: SF Format: Vinyl, 12" C.
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  7. vinyl mix 1. GM cole - warning 2. Vandross - hurt me i'm waiting (female mix) 3. regis & female - meat 4. damon vallero - new area 5. christian wunsch - innocence 6. christian wunsch - les par.

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