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  1. The Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, was a devastating pandemic that first struck Europe in the mid-late-fourteenth century (–), killing between one-third and two-thirds of Europe's population. Almost simultaneous epidemics occurred across large portions of Asia and the Middle East, indicating that the European outbreak was actually part of a multi-regional pandemic.
  2. Nov 24,  · The Black Death killed at least a third of the population wherever it hit, sometimes more. But when bubonic plague hit India in the 19th century, fewer than 2 per cent of the people in affected.
  3. In recent years, scholars have reassessed the causes of the Black Death, questioning how it spread through medieval Europe with such astonishing speed and virulence. Here, investigate additional factors that may have contributed to the devastation, such as other diseases, bacteria, and .
  4. The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulates among wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density. Such an area is called a ‘plague focus’ or a ‘plague reservoir’.
  5. Mar 31,  · The Black Death arrived in Britain from central Asia in the autumn of and by late spring the following year it had killed six out of every 10 people in London. It was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to million people.
  6. Mar 03,  · The Black Death saw an increase in xenophobic and antisemitic attacks. Fear and suspicion of non-natives changed trading patterns. Fear and .
  7. Jun 11,  · Set during the time of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England, a young monk is tasked with learning the truth about reports of people being brought back to life, a mission that pulls him toward a village ruler who has made a dark pact with evil forces/10(K).
  8. Apr 16,  · The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence and the Plague, was the deadliest pandemics ever recorded. Track how it ravaged humanity through history. One of .
  9. The Black Death (Swedish: Digerdöden, 'The Great Death') was present in Sweden between and It was a major catastrophe which was said to have killed a third of the population, and Sweden was not to recover fully for three hundred years.

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